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Changes in Management and Board of Noviotech Campus

The board of Stichting Ontwikkeling Noviotech Campus and Bert Krikke, director of Noviotech Campus BV, have mutually agreed to part ways. The reason for this decision is a difference of opinion regarding the course to be followed.
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Vibe of the Future festival

Inspiration festival for innovators in Health & High Tech

- The Vibe of the Future Festival -   Curious about what the future of Health & High Tech looks...
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Nexperia joins United Nations Global Compact Initiative

Noviotech Campus-based Nexperia, the expert in essential semiconductors, is pleased to announce that it has joined the United Nations Global…

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Recap of celebrating Radboud 100 years

Between 8 and 14 May, our partner Radboud University organised several activities to celebrate their 100th anniversary this year. Check…

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Enzyre: towards market leadership in the blood coagulation

Noviotech Campus-based Enzyre, the spin-out from Radboudumc, has a mission: develop ambulatory diagnostic technology for blood clotting tests that allow…

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Recap meet-up SEMICON and Innovation Mission Taiwan

On June 7, High Tech NL held a meet-up for those interested in joining SEMICON Taiwan from 6-8 September and/or…

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Partner in the picture: Briskr

‘Stimulating innovative entrepreneurship’. This goal led to a close partnership between Oost NL and Briskr almost six years ago. Whereas…

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Pulse. Magazine

Noviotech Campus launched its first magazine: Pulse. A magazine where we share the stories of people who are on a mission to make a positive impact, pushing themselves and our society forward, day by day. An ode to entrepreneurship in its broadest sense and purest form. We explore, view and highlight innovation and research from different perspectives. Together, we discover what innovation actually means: to ourselves, each other and the world around us.


What’s next in AI, can medical technology improve equality within our society and how does the future of chemistry look like? These podcasts are setting the tone – don’t miss out on them!

AI for Life – Adaptive Learning

How can data and smart technology improve the educational system? A podcast about the application of AI to balance the needs of an individual student with those of the class.

Radboud Reflects – Put Big Tech on a leash?

With fake news, polarising algorythms and inappropriate advertisements, the internet is under pressure. Is it time to restrain the Big Tech industry?

The Huberman Lab – from Andrew Huberman

Andrew Huberman, neuroscientist at Stanford University, discusses the impact of the brain and its connections to our perceptions, behavior and health.


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Nijmegen: city of health and high tech