Looking back on Radboud Festival

Noviotech Campus as a partner of Radboud University, is looking back at Radboud Festival! The celebration of the 100th anniversary of Radboud University, together with all students, alumni, (former) employees and local residents. 

There were some great speakers, brilliant artists and fun workshops to enjoy. What did you like most? We just loved celebrating this special lustrum together with our students, employees, alumni and so many more people.

Want to re-live the experience? Check social media for the best photos and videos here: https://ap.lc/AvXaZ

Radboud University is just getting started! On 17 October 2023 they will celebrate the official birthday of Radboud University: the 100th Dies Natalis.

Keep an eye on their website for more information: https://ap.lc/xch1z