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Noviotech Campus aims to become the city campus of the future. A green, lively, healthy and safe environment, the place to be for innovators in Health & High Tech – with plenty of opportunities for investors. Together with architectural powerhouse MVRDV, we developed a masterplan in which you can find our vision for 2022-2027.

The offer

As an investor, you have the opportunity to realize your own tailor-made premises at Noviotech Campus. On our plots, you can develop buildings:

  • which cover a total multi-storey floor area of about 3500 m2 to about 10,000 m2;
  • ranging in height from 4 to 12 floors;
  • mostly from 2024 onwards.
  • issued on a long lease, which is paid off in a single payment.
  • with a campus fee that is charged annually, based on the number of square meters of usable floor area (park and community management)

For this fee, the campus is managed and maintained, and it gives you access to all facilities, events and other community benefits at Noviotech Campus – your gateway into our network of striving and ambitious innovators in Health & High Tech.

Future opportunities

Most developments will take place from 2024 onward. However, if you already have a request or would like more information, please contact our development manager for the latest updates.

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