When your world turns dark & How to bring light into the dark

22 March 2023 - Joyce de Ruiter, Ambassador of the Usher Syndrome Foundation, was sixteen years old when her parents had to tell her that she’d been diagnosed with Usher syndrome: an inherited disorder which deteriorates hearing and especially vision during life, often resulting in people becoming deaf and blind. "Finally, the puzzle pieces of hearing loss and night blindness had been named, but at the same time your whole future outlook wavers.” Joyce tells us about the impact this diagnosis had on her life and how it gradually turned into something she now draws strength and courage from. Read the full story, published in Pulse, about her Usher syndrome and the other side 'bringing light into the dark' from Erwin van Wijk, Researcher at Radboud University Medical Center on our website: https://noviotechcampus.com/pulse