Nijmegen region desperately needs international talent

31 March 2023 - The labor market is not in balance, according to alderman John Brom. He talks about the labor shortage and the role that the Lifeport Welcome Center can play in this. This should offer international talent a warm welcome in the entire Arnhem Nijmegen region. As alderman, John Brom is concerned with both Economy & Work and Income. "Those two portfolios have now been put together in Nijmegen and that is a good thing. One strengthens the other, there is a common interest. The economy needs working people and people need jobs."

What our region has to offer

When you talk about that theme, you can't ignore the tightness in the labor market. "Like many regions, we have labor shortages across the spectrum. Among other things, you see that people who have had a fine education in our region and who also enjoy living here, still find work in the Randstad. While we could very well use them at the Noviotech Campus and at companies like NXP, Nexperia, Ampleon Instead, they spend hours in the train or car every week, which is not pleasant for them either. They could also spend this time on hobbies, the family or volunteering." "How wonderful would it be if together we could make it possible for these people to continue their careers somewhere in our large, green and beautiful region, next to Railway station Goffert?" he asks visionarily. "That applies to the whole range: from practical to university-educated. We have a lot to offer as a region when it comes to Health & High Tech." Read the full story at the Lifeport website (Dutch): “Regio heeft internationaal talent heel hard nodig” - Lifeport