Chip design key position in Dutch and European Semiconductor

6 April 2023 - The Netherlands has achieved a global top position within the semiconductor equipment industry. ⚡ The second top position within this value chain is the chip design industry. Both positions are of great added value to increase Europe's strategic autonomy and generate 20% market value. However, this requires strengthening around chip design. 📈 Training talent with the right skills to design the next generation of chips is of great importance. To realise this ambition and contribute to Dutch and European innovation policy, a broad national consortium has joined forces in recent months to formulate an ambition document in the form of an action agenda. This action agenda was handed over to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate on 23 March in Enschede, who stressed the huge importance of this kind of initiative. This action agenda 'Chip Design NL, the national cluster' was drawn up by our Noviotech Campus partners High Tech NL cluster Semiconductors and Oost NL together with ChipTech Twente Brainport Eindhoven, University of Twente, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Twente Board,  and TU Delft.