How to address climate change – Shell’s proposal

22 March 2023 -

Perhaps everyone is looking at how to combat global warming? Shell proposes to explore carbon capture, but is this a genuine effort to address climate change (climate savior), or just a tactic to avoid immediate climate action, i.e., a profit plan?

Shell recently floated the idea of capturing carbon from the atmosphere as a possible solution to address global warming. The proposed method requires a significant energy input, making it unfeasible at present. Critics question whether this proposal is a genuine attempt to address climate change or merely a tactic to circumvent the implementation of measures that could negatively impact Shell's operations. Shell has been aware of climate change since the 1980s and has invested considerable time and resources in avoiding climate action.

Moreover, the oil industry has reportedly used billions in public money to increase oil production. Currently, there are only 26 commercial carbon capture and storage (CCS) plants worldwide, capturing only 0.1% of annual CO2 emissions.

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