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Health and High Tech hotspot of the Netherlands.

Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen is the hotspot for Health and High Tech innovation in the Netherlands. Open innovation between researchers and entrepreneurs in Health and High Tech leads to growth, boosting the development of products and services for a better, healthier world. From a preventive malaria-drug to a new generation of chips. It’s happening at Novio Tech Campus: Where Innovation Works!

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// A lot is going on in the Health and High Tech ecosystem of Nijmegen. Researchers developing a drug against COVID-19. Worldclass chip companies working on a new generation of chips. And many network and support organisations, boosting these developments. Stay up to date on innovation!


// Stay fit!

Focus areas

//Novio Tech Campus is a flourishing ecosystem of innovation in Health and High Tech. Within these sectors, companies and research institutes specialize in a number of focus areas. All related, or linked to Health and High Tech. 


// Share knowledge & grow your network in Health and High Tech



Semiconductor Packaging University Program

Together with HAN University of Applied Sciences, CITC developed the Semiconductor Packaging University Program.



Join the Vibe of the Future on September 8 at Noviotech Campus!

An inspiration festival, where we will explore new perspectives on innovation, entrepreneurship and science. All while enjoying art, creative foods, making new connections and chill and lounge!



Briskr Startup Programma



Product development/design with customer validation (workshop & factory tour!)

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