Noviotech Campus signed Human Capital Agreement

13 April 2023 - Provincie Gelderland, The Economic Board and Groene Metropoolregio Arnhem-Nijmegen (GMR) - regio Arnhem Nijmegen signed the Human Capital Agreement Arnhem-Nijmegen region together with entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions and the labour market regions. We are short of people in all sectors. We face enormous challenges for wonen, zorg and energie. Part of the solution to this complex task lies in making better use of people's potential in the labour market. - A different view of talent: every talent counts, skills are more important than diplomas, agility through retraining and upskilling people throughout their career. - But also stimulate the learning culture among employers, technology to organize work smarter or focus on mobility between different sectors. With the Human Capital Agreement, the various parties connect initiatives, networks and projects in the region and strengthen them where necessary. More than 40 organizations are investing in this approach. With money and people. The aim is, among other things, for 10,000 employees to develop in technology and digital skills. And to bring 40,000 young people and young adults into contact with innovative companies in the region. Read more on the Lifeport website: