Join the smart course in AI at Radboud Academy

20 January 2023 Everyone has to deal with Artificial Intelligence, or AI. In fact: you are probably already dealing with AI, without knowing it. For those who want to better understand what AI is, what possibilities it offers and what to watch out for when dealing with AI, Radboud Academy offers a short course: AI in Perspective. Artificial intelligence always has two sides: one technical and one social. Says Tibor Bosse, professor of AI and Communication Science at Radboud University. He himself started his career in AI on the technical side, nowadays he is more concerned with the social side. 'I started from computer sciences. First I wanted to build smart machines. There's already some ‘social’ in that, because you want them to be so smart that they can do what humans can do. Meanwhile, I find the question, "How do people interact with AI?" at least as interesting. Because if we want to make AI better, it's not just about technical improvements, but certainly about the effect on people and society.' Radboud Academy organizes a short course for anyone who wants to learn more about AI. More info and registration: