Koen Dechering tells about artificial intelligence-driven discovery of small molecules

On May 25, during the SMB-meeting  From-Molecule-to-Business at Noviotech Campus Koen Dechering, CEO TropIQ Health Sciences will present the parallel track:
Artificial intelligence-driven discovery of small molecules for control of vector-borne diseases

Each year, mosquito and tick-borne diseases claim over a million lives and are a leading cause of livestock illness in low and middle income countries. To combat this, a machine learning-driven approach was developed to discover small molecules that affect mosquito behavior through the olfactory system. Our team developed a transfer-learned model from a human digital olfaction model that outperformed existing chemoinformatic models. We found that the hit rate increased as the training data size grew, showing that predictive accuracy relied on both model innovation and novel data collection. Our findings were then validated through human volunteer studies, which identified new repellent molecules that showed improved properties over current market standards.

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