RF Knowledge Lab

9 Januari 2023 - Radio Frequency Technology: to heat, sense, detect and connect. Offering solutions to societal challenges you probably have not thought of yet. The Netherlands, world leading country in RF Technology Radio Frequency (RF) technology knowledge is significantly strong developed in the Netherlands. No less than thirty Dutch companies are highly specialized in RF technology and its applications. The Netherlands is home to many great inventions in RF technology. Bluetooth and WIFI, worldwide embraced and indispensable innovations, have their origins and crucial development in the Netherlands. And, with the knowledge and expertise of Dutch RF engineers, so much more can become possible with RF technology. Welcome to the world of RF solutions! RF offers solutions you probably have not thought of yet RF is already widely used and the number of Radio Frequency (wireless) applications will explode in the coming years. Wireless and contactless connected, will be the new standard. Think of IoT applications, medical imaging such as MRI or, autonomous driving, and adaptive cruise control. But there is more. RF offers excellent solutions for the necessary transition from fossil fuels to green energy. RF is clean and sustainable. In addition, it is ultra-accurate, hygienic, and highly controllable. For sensing, detecting, and heating RF is the most efficient technique that we know of. It can and should be used in more and different kinds of industries. Join the RF Knowledge lab: Contact: Victor Haze Project manager High Tech NL cluster Holland Semiconductors M +31 (0)6 8399 9327 E contact@rfkl.nl More info: www.rfkl.nl