Subsidy Opportunities for Innovative SME Entrepreneurs in East Netherlands

40 million euros available
Do you want to innovate sustainably, test your innovation, or demonstrate it? Now is a good time to explore and take advantage of the subsidy opportunities offered by EFRO East! The European subsidy program EFRO East 2021-2027 makes over 40 million euros available for innovative and collaborative entrepreneurs in Overijssel and Gelderland.

There are two possibilities. The available budget is divided into two subsidy schemes that encourage SMEs to engage in product development, digitalization, sustainability, and/or the testing and/or demonstration of innovations: Innovation projects and testing and demonstration facilities.

Good news
To allow more SMEs to qualify for EFRO subsidy, the minimum threshold for applications has been lowered to € 250,000. Additionally, the maximum subsidy limit is increased to € 2,000,000. The subsidy percentage for knowledge institutions has been raised to a maximum of 50 percent, making it equal to that of SMEs.

EFRO East is ready to explore the possibilities and opportunities of your project idea with you. If you have an idea for a project and want to know if it fits within the subsidy options, submit your project idea or contact EFRO East here.