Noviotech Campus presented: the Vibe of the Future Festival 2022

The first edition of the Vibe of the Future festival took place on Thursday, 8 September 2022. Organizer Noviotech Campus intended for the festival to inspire all kinds of people, from young entrepreneur to wise scientists. A place where everyone could come together and share their dreams and knowledge.

Connection through art and culture

Daisy van de Zande spoke at the Vibe of the Future on behalf of the InScience film festival. “InScience wants to create connections between people through art and culture. We offer people a way to imagine what the world could look like. With wonder and imagination, you can see the development of technology and science.”

According to Daisy, asking critical questions is very important. “We need to keep asking the hard questions. Before we develop something, we have to ask ethical questions. Most of the time, those important questions are asked after the development, and we can’t do anything about it anymore.”

Students of ArtEZ provided artworks to create an artistic exposition. They dove into Health and High Tech, but with a different vision. Their artworks showed us their findings about and interpretations of technology. The Art & Design expo was complete with a workshop Tech Lego, provided by Oddstream and a talk from the Nijmeegse Kunstnacht.

Community for young professionals

Fatima de Vries spoke about building a Noviotech community. In her job at Ampleon, she sees that one of the biggest challenges in the branch is filling vacancies. “The world of Health and High Tech is a bit unknown. If we could create a strong community here on campus, that would definitely help solve many of our problems.”

She has a couple of ideas about how to create that community. “The world is bigger than just your office and your area of expertise. We need to come together as young professionals and build something new on campus. The Hightech Campus in Eindhoven already has a strong community. This could be our example. And we will start creating one soon: Ampleon works together with NXP and Nexperia. We, as young professionals, can become the next strong community.”

The festival was a great opportunity for Fatima to talk about her ideas. “It’s amazing to be here as a speaker. This morning, I was a bit nervous, but when you’re up on the stage, it’s not scary anymore”, she looks back on her speech. Her biggest advice to get the community on campus going? “We should create a physical place where we can meet. Something like a restaurant or a café. That would be a nice meeting place for everyone on campus.”

A successful event

Community manager Yvette Akkermans-Hazelkamp is excited about the first edition of Vibe of the Future. “In the run-up, we said that the festival would be a success when there would be over 500 guests. And we did just that! I get a lot of positive reactions, which is of course nice too. Organising a first edition is always exciting!”

Yvette was also very happy with the Inspiration Lounge. “We succeeded in creating a space on the festival where people could meetup and inspire each other. Not like the stage, with the talks, but more relaxed.

And what about those positive reactions? Jean Paul Kimmel of NXP is very glad he went: “As a partner of the Campus, I am of course happy to come and take a look. It is a very inspiring festival, but the attractive atmosphere makes me especially excited.”

This was the Vibe of the Future festival 2022. For everyone who was there or wants to be there next year: enjoy the aftermovie!

Aftermovie - Vibe of the Future