Campus Community

Meetings & Events

Being part of the Noviotech Community, you will have access to various events, festivals, workshops and social activities. Here you will be inspired by people, from young entrepreneurs to wise scientists. We create places where everyone come together and share their dreams and knowledge.

Academy & Career

Life long learning is a must. Together with our science partners we nourish the knowledge & research you need to innovate.
Finding the right talent is quite a challenge – as finding your dreamjob. We support community members in this process, both companies and talents. 

Media & Experience

Our Noviotech Community evolves around knowledge-sharing and storytelling. Our newsroom, in cooperation with The Economic Board is a multichannel news and media platform. This supports the community in sharing their stories, experiences and knowledge with each other. Spread the word!

Sport & Vitality

Healthy body, healthy mind. Sports and good, nutritious food play a central role in our community. You can visit our gym at Easy Active, join the soccer competition or participate in one of the biking or running clubs. Discover the opportunities we offer to stay in shape – both mentally and physically.

Facilities & Services

You want to work in a vibrant and inspirational environment – with all the tools to perform in the best way possible. From mobility services on campus to shared research facilities with the Radboud University: we are always looking for the next step in supporting your needs.

Art & Design

We work together with art institutions and students from design academies to challenge our creativity, stay inspired and introduce new artistic experiences. Landmark art will be positioned on several locations on site. The idea is to see what is ‘normal’ from a new perspective.