Nijmegen presents Health and High Tech Action Plan

The health and high tech economic clusters are important drivers of the regional economy, with an impact on (inter)national level. Starting in 2018, the municipality of Nijmegen has been working on a multi-year, integrated and dynamic cluster acceleration approach, in order to strengthen the innovative ecosystem around the health and high tech clusters in the long term. In 2022 they officially evaluated the results. This renewed action plan for the period 2023-2026 is a follow-up, in which the ambition is further sharpened, with a focus on three lines of action: strengthening the innovative ecosystem, developing vibrant campuses and investing in network and visibility. Including a role for Noviotech Campus: "We are working to further develop Noviotech Campus and providing space for activity in the health & high tech clusters as part of the Winkelsteeg development vision. The focus in the coming years for this component is the approach to the Goffert-NTC station surroundings and plan development for further growth of Noviotech Campus." Read the Action Plan (pdf, in Dutch) at