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René Penning de Vries new chairman of the Novio Tech Campus board

Nijmegen – As of 9 February René Penning de Vries has been appointed chairman of the board of Novio Tech Campus. Penning de Vries succeeds Roel Fonville. He is looking forward to using his network and knowledge in the board and contributing to the future plans of the campus.

René Penning de Vries, born in Nijmegen, had an international career at Philips and NXP. Since 2012, René has been working at the interface of public-private partnerships and has fulfilled various management and supervisory roles. Currently, he is involved with the Sint Maartenskliniek, PhotonDelta, the Radboud Fonds and the Ventures Holding of the UvA, among other things. He is also chairman of the Stichting Vierdaagsefeesten.

Penning de Vries is looking forward to this new challenge and sees plenty of opportunities for the campus, of which he was already a part at an earlier stage of development. “After having been involved in the establishment of NTC on behalf of NXP, now is a good time to capitalise on the new opportunities for expansion and reinforcement. I am happy to participate,” said Penning de Vries.

Bert Krikke, Managing Director of Novio Tech Campus, is looking forward with confidence to the future cooperation with Penning de Vries: “We are very pleased with the appointment of René Penning de Vries as the new chairman of the board of the Novio Tech Campus Foundation. René has extensive experience at NXP, among others. As a result, he knows the campus area and the interests that play a role there well. His current board positions in the field of Health and High Tech and his extensive network will help to realise the expansion of Novio Tech Campus,” said Krikke.

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