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Register now as a healthcare provider for the Health Valley Bridge prize 2020 and win € 15,000!

Bridge between healthcare institution and entrepreneur
The name of the prize refers to the bridge that it creates between a healthcare institution and an entrepreneur to make innovations possible together. René Penning de Vries, chairman of Health Valley Board: c


The professional jury

Judging will be done by a panel of 5 people composed of the Health Valley partner network. What will the jury pay attention to? Jorrit Ebben, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer of Academy het Dorp and jury chairman: “Innovation is a complex process. It is my job, and I still learn every day. When evaluating projects, I will first and foremost pay attention to collaboration. That is the basis. In addition, I believe that successful innovation requires three ingredients: time, space for development and courage. I hope that the jury can reward that guts.”


Register before 1 February

The registration for Health Valley Bridge Price 2020 is open from today and runs until 1 February 2020. Click here to submit your project. This prize and with that the support, is made possible in part by the sponsorship contributions from Academy het Dorp and Ledger Leopard.


Radboudumc with Robosculpt Winner 2019
The Radboudumc won this prestigious prize for the first time with the RoboSculpt project in 2019. They focus on robotics for removing bone behind the ear, the rock bone. The operations are complex, time-consuming and risky. RoboSculpt is an image-driven precision robot that can mill into bone independently. The robot improves conditions for the surgeon; shortened operating time; and reduces the chance of complications.



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