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Medical-technology innovations accelerated to market through government investment of 8 million.

The four technical universities (4TU), including the University of Twente and the WUR, are joining forces with three medical academic centers and venture investor Innovation Industries to bring medtech solutions to the market faster. This week, the Ministries of Economic Affairs and Education, Culture and Science awarded 8 million euros to the medtech consortium from the Thematic Technology Transfer (TTT) scheme. This TTT scheme is best practice in Europe in the field of support for spin-offs, incubators and universities. The consortium aims to further expand the good international position of the Dutch medtech sector.

Technological innovations are desperately needed to keep healthcare affordable, of high quality and staffable in the long term. However, the route to the market for medtech spin-offs is very complex and difficult. The Knowledge Transfer Offices (KTO) of TU Delft, TU Eindhoven, University of Twente and Wageningen University & Research are building a national and open program together with the KTOs of Erasmus MC, RadboudUMC and Maastricht UMC, and VC fund Innovation Industries.

Fewer dropouts and faster to market
‘The initiative for this application comes from 4TU, with the University of Twente as the co-leader,’ says Roy Kolkman, Manager of the KTO at the University of Twente. ‘With this investment we are laying an excellent foundation for medtech spin-offs in the Netherlands. By enriching the breeding ground with the right knowledge and expertise, the chance of failure is reduced and the time-to-market is shortened.’

Better propositions
‘By combining forces between UMCs and TUs, we arrive at strong propositions,’ says Thijs Spigt, KTO director of Erasmus MC. The knowledge and experience within the consortium ensures faster validation and a better business proposition. This includes extensive attention to the clinical question, technical feasibility and business development.

Expansion of leading position
“The Netherlands is a leader in the development of new technologies. However, bringing them to the market is a major challenge. We are investing in this consortium and doing everything we can to make it a success. In addition to capital, we are making an important contribution with our knowledge, experience and network,’ says Pleuni Hooijman, fund manager at Innovation Industries.”

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