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ITEC has launched as independent entity

ITEC, the semiconductor equipment manufacturer found in 1991 by Philips (now Nexperia) located at the Novio Tech Campus, announced yesterday its launch as a separate independent entity. ITEC will remain part of the Nexperia group of companies, but the move will allow it to address the third-party market, in time to address the current semiconductor boom, giving manufacturers worldwide access to systems that reduce manufacturing time and increase yields.

As a part of the celebratory event at the Novio Tech Campus, ITEC leadership team congratulated the team and planted an apple tree as a sign of a new beginning. “ Today we planted an apple tree to symbolize the start of ITEC as an independent company, a subsidiary of Nexperia. The tree is a symbol of strength and growth standing tall and strong with its roots deep into the ground. Like ITEC, when we nurture the tree and feed it, it will grow and we can pick the fruits of our labor. Simultaneously with the tree at the Novio Campus, a tree is planted at our Hong Kong office, the technology campus there”. – Paul van den Broek, Director Development at ITEC

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The Green Metropolitan Region prepares Arnhem and Nijmegen for the future

The Green Metropolitan Region has been working hard to bring about more circular housing and make the region of Arnhem-Nijmegen more sustainable. And there is a lot to be done to prepare for the future. Novio Tech Campus has a seat at the table when new developments arise, as the campus gives way to innovations in health and high tech to help shape a greener, circular region.

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