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Dragons’ Den

In this so-called ‘business reality format’, entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to pitch their own company to a panel of the most successful business people in our country. Whether it is a prototype of a new product or an extra financial injection to be able to grow, the entrepreneurs have to convince the five “Dragons” in a short time and seduce them into an investment that turns their life’s work into a house hold name. The idea is that they come up with such a strong story that at least one of the Dragons is prepared to transform their project or idea into a flourishing company with financial support and vast experience.


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Fighting malaria is fighting poverty

Diseases that spread across the globe come and go, but malaria has been around for thousands of years. The number of people affected by the disease is on the rise and it hits lower-income countries the hardest. So how can we fight malaria, and what will it bring to the world if we manage to do so? Koen Dechering, CEO of TropIQ Health Sciences, explains why more needs to be done and how his company contributes to eradicating the disease once and for all.

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