OPEN H/UB event: Novio Tech Campus chase

Evenement datum:


Novio Tech Campus officially opened its doors 7.5 years ago. To celebrate this and thank all of you, we organize various events, themed: OPEN H/UB. On May 27 we organize the Novio Tech Campus chase, an online game to find the right way through Novio Tech Campus.

It is a fun and lighthearted event in your lunch break. Work together. Think fast. Make meaningful decisions and influence others. Meanwhile learn all about the companies on campus and meet with your fellow campus residents!

Feel free to share this invitation with other colleagues at NTC. Please register before Thursday May 20. You can register individually and we will set up the teams.

Please note: we only accept tenants who have registered, since we have to make whatsapp-groups to give you instructions for playing the game. We look forward to welcome you online!

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