How to attract venture capital investment for your innovation?

About this event

This workshop focuses on innovative startups/entrepreneurs that might not yet be ready to apply for series A capital but are determined to get there in the next few years and wish to think ahead.


Great ideas are important but not enough to create a sustainable businesses. Building a company needs a lot of effort from the right talents. But sooner or later external money is also needed to attract the right people and grow the business. Often starting with friends, family and fools, then angel investment and at one moment in time also serious investments by venture capital. While building the company it is important to be aware of the criteria that the different investors use in choosing investments and to be able to work towards meeting them.


In this workshop Thijs Cohen Tervaert, investor and Director at Inkef Capital, will explain the role of venture capital, the criteria used in selecting the right investments and how even early on in your startup you can prepare for these. For some participants of the workshop it is possible to give short pitches and get feedback from Thijs (send an email to Briskr when you are interested to pitch yourself).

INKEF Capital was established in 2010 to finance and support starting entrepreneurs and their spectacular technology ventures. INKEF is short for Investing in the Knowledge Economy of the Future. With ABP/APG as a founding partner and cornerstone investor, they are able to focus all their passion and expertise on two broad technology sectors: Healthcare and ICT/New Media/FinTech.

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