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About this event
InScience, International Science Film Festival Nijmegen is one of the largest international science film festivals in Europe. The program consists of the best science films released worldwide in the past year. During the festival, top international scientists, filmmakers and audiences meet to share the latest insights shaping tomorrow's world.

From 16th to 19 March 2023, Nijmegen will transform into a wonderland for imagination, stories, debate and curiosity. We look forward to enjoy the most beautiful science films, inspiring conversations with filmmakers and scientists and stimulating art together again. The theme of this edition is the experiment: where scientists and artists meet and make surprising discoveries. With a special themed program of film classics, art and, of course, experiments, we pay tribute to this thoughtful, messy and surprising process. And for InScience itself, this edition is also an experiment, as for the first time we are organizing the festival in the spring, with all kinds of programs taking place outside the film theater. In short: plenty to discover! 

 Opening  16 March 2023
The opening night of the festival is also dedicated to 'Expiriments', and is by invitation only.

Program 17 March - highlights:
- HAN Unexpected @ InScience:
  Is our care equitable and inclusive? How can technology play a role in this? 
  Friday 17 March 15.45 - 17.15, Amazing Discoveries Stage (the Dome)

- The Human Trial:
  After the film, a researcher from the Radboudumc will speak with test subjects about considerations and dilemmas related to testing a new vaccine. 
  Friday 17 March 22.00 - 0.00 

InVision - Health Innovation - 17 March 15:15 hrs
Also there is a kick-off of a special new collaboration between InScience International Science Film Festival, care organization Kalorama and Radboud University: TOEKOMSTBEELDEN. The kick-off is on Friday, March 17 at 15:15 hrs in the Festival House in Nijmegen.
 Suppose you need care and you end up in a place where sensors and artificial intelligence help monitor your well-being. Or where nursing is partly done by robots. What is this like? What is it like for human care staff to have a robot as a colleague? What opportunities do researchers see in these technical innovations? These questions are central to the new project TOEKOMSTBEELDEN by Radboud University, care organization Kalorama and film festival InScience. As one of the sixteen WECOM projects of the National Science Agenda 2023, in the coming year we will pair three filmmakers with each their own group of informal caregivers, scientists, professional care workers and elderly people with specialized care needs. Each group will exchange knowledge and experience and eventually together make a short fiction film about the opportunities and threats of care innovations. On March 17 at 15.15 they will launch TOEKOMSTBEELDEN, as part of InScience 2023. Do you want to be there? Then register for free via
Please note that the program is in English. (The project itself will be in Dutch). 
Can't be there on March 17 but as a family caregiver, scientist, filmmaker, professional caregiver or caregiver, are you interested in TOEKOMSTBEELDEN? Then email for more information.

For the full program of the 8th edition of InScience: