Meeting Your Peers Engineers #2 – Sustainability in Chip Packaging – Sep 26st

Noviotech Campus
About this event

How is sustainability applied in Chip Packaging?

By popular demand, the High Tech Network Meetings are back in action. The second 'Meeting Your Peers Engineers' will be organized, during the Vibe of the Future Festival at the Noviotech Campus in Nijmegen!

These free gatherings are specially designed for engineers working in Nijmegen and the surrounding areas at High Tech/Semicon companies. The goal is simple yet powerful: to meet each other, share knowledge, and stay informed about the latest developments in our sector.

For a week The Vibe of the Future Festival sets the stage for this innovative and diverse eco-system. This Meeting Your Peer Engineers will take place on Thursday, Sep 26, from 12:00 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. at the Noviotech Campus. CITC will be in  the spotlight and provide the lunch. Their Managing Director, Mark Luke Farrugia, will discuss CITC's goals and one of their ambitions: Sustainability in Chip Packaging.

After this, guest speakers from TNO and Radboud University will explain the newest research on these sustainability topics within this field.


12:00 - 12:30     Walk in and lunch
12:30 - 12:40     Mark Luke Farrugia (General Manager) about CITC
12:40 - 13:40     In-depth presentations from:
Edsger Smits, Program Manager Power Packaging at CITC
Francesca Chiappini, Program Manager RF Chips Packaging at CITC
Stephan Harkema, Top Senior Scientist at TNO
(Radboud, tbd)
13:40 - 13:45     Wrap-up & introduction next meeting

Mark Luke Farrugia, General Manager of Chip Integration Technology Center (CITC) (located at Noviotech Campus), will be the moderator of the Meeting Your Peers Engineers meetings.

Don't miss this opportunity to network and expand your knowledge! Sign up quickly and reserve your spot on Sep 26st. It will be an inspiring and valuable session that you won't want to miss!