Product development with customer validation

GBO Innovation Makers
5706 ST
About this event
In their colorful studio in Helmond, Jeroen, founder of GBO Innovation Makers talks about the journey through the product development process in the field of Health & High Tech. Based on successfully realized products, he provides insight into trends and innovation in the design & production of products. It promises to be an inspiring session with plenty of room for questions and discussion. Join the conversation and get to know how you can convert your idea into a tangible and user-friendly product!
16:00 Walk-in with coffee/tea
 16:30 Start of workshop
 17:30 guided tour with small food
 18:30 Room for questions
 19:00 End of workshop

 We will address the following subjects:
 - Product design processes
 - Different stages of the process illustrated with samples
 - Successes / Pitfalls Lead times / Costs
 - Validation / Feasability
 - Idea versus target group
 - Patents / Protection of design

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