Workshop: Business vlogging with your smartphone

Stationsplein 26
About this event
Most people know vlogging as a peek into someone's daily life. Nowadays, the business world has also taken to vlogging, hence the term "business vlogging. This gives you a behind-the-scenes look at a company. By using business vlogs in your social media strategy, you create more connection with your target audience.

In this workshop: 
* Get an introduction to business vlogging; 
* I will give you tips and tricks for making a business vlog; 
* You will get to work creating a business vlog. 

After the workshop, you can get started with business vlogging yourself. 

 About Sabien 
 This workshop is hosted by Sabien Kuster. She started her company Qster Productions about six months ago. With the help of business vlogs you can give a look behind the scenes of your company or organization. With the help of business vlogs you create visibility with your target audience, you can share your knowledge and communicate internally in an accessible way.