Meet & Eat – Power of AI – 7 Nov 2023

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@Building M, Noviotech Campus, Nijmegen

The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) within companies in the healthcare and high-tech sectors is inspiring.
These technologies have the potential to change lives and shape the world of tomorrow.

Kees van de Sant, projectleader at HAN, will tell us more about the DEMAND project. Knowledge institutions and companies collaborate on knowledge development and sharing related to accessible, easily deployable methods for achieving data availability and quality in data chains. Such data chains are essential for various data-intensive applications, from traditional information systems and data science to digital twins and artificial intelligence (AI). Within the project, three data labs will also be established, including one at the Noviotech Campus.


On the Noviotech Campus, AI is already widely used, and TropIQ is no exception. Koen Dechering, CEO at TropIQ Health Sciences, is excited to share more about their collaboration with Google AI researchers on November 7th. Together, they've been working on a neural network that predicts scent, and they've successfully discovered several new mosquito-repelling substances. Intrigued? Sign up!

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Meet & Greet (building M)
Noviotech Campus, Nijmegen

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Future dates:

  • Meet & Eat: Tuesday 5 December 2023  12:00 - 13:00 pm (Sint edition)
  • Meet & Eat: Tuesday 7 February 2024  12:00 - 13:00 pm


Please note: we only accept tenants who have registered on time. We maintain a maximum of four (4) participants per company, so that we are able to ensure a place for all organisations on campus. Also, we might take some pictures during the Meet&Eat, but if you don't want to be photographed please let us know at:

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