How do we remember (better)!

The Shamrock
The Netherlands
About this event
On January 16, 2023, memory experts Freyja Ólafsdóttir and Boris Konrad of the Radboud University will introduce us to the wonders of memory. Ólafsdóttir takes a fundamental approach, implementing a range of techniques that allow the investigation of single neuron activity and their embedding in neuronal network patterns. In this way, she investigates the development of spatial and episodic memory in rodents. Konrad, on the other hand, studies the neuronal principles underlying memory enhancement in humans and the advantages of different memory strategies. Moreover, he investigates the effects of modern technology on our brain. The inspiring musical presence of Punch! will make this a night to remember (with ease)! 

8.00 pm: Scientists /8pm Freyja Ólafsdóttir (RU) and Boris Konrad (RU) 
7.30 pm: Music -  Punch! moderator Cees Leijenhorst 

Date:  16 January 2023, 7.30/8 – 10 pm
Venue:   The Shamrock, Smetiusstraat 17 in Nijmegen 
Admission free: (no reservation) 
Language English