Workshop: How to get more out of your team?

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About this event
Leading and managing a team is rewarding, complex, sometimes frustrating and amazing! Most entrepreneurs know more about their industry or craft than about getting the most out of the team that they work with. Yet fulfilling that role as a leader well is crucial to the success of your business, to your happiness at work and that of your employees. Something that investors also look at when deciding to put more money into your business or to keep you in your role as CEO as the company grows. Whether you have issues with your team, or everything is fine in that area but you would like to keep it that way, this afternoon will be well spent as good staff are harder to find and keep.
In this workshop, hosted by Lizanne Jakobs, we will work on crafting our knowledge and skills on:– Your role as a leader– The difference between managing and leading– What to do when there is friction– How do you keep people on track and motivated in the short and long term
Lizanne Jakobs is an award winning business coach and speaker and an entrepreneur herself. She is the founder of Brilliant Work, named best business coaching and consultancy firm in the Netherlands for small to medium sized companies two years in a row. Her workshops are always interactive, useful and engaging. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English and a Master’s in International Business Communications, both from the Radboud University and is a DiSC accredited trainer. The team of coaches at Brilliant Work help clients grow and professionalise their companies. Most of these coaching engagements are aided by one of the many different subsidies they are accredited for.
Program The workshop will run from 14.30 to 17.00, with doors opening 15 minutes before hand. Half way through there will be a break and from 17.00 onwards it will turn into a networking opportunity.
Location: Noviotech Campus, Building M, Nijmegen