The Night of Space

Open Air Theater de Goffert
About this event
Join us on a journey to the stars during this brand new edition of The Night of Space!
Humanity has been watching the stars for thousands of years. The universe has always fascinated us and today that only seems to become more so. There is only one difference between before and now. Our ancestors navigated the stars and lived with the rhythm of the cosmos. Today we live in permanently lit environments and are in danger of losing direct contact with the stars.
In the Netherlands, for example, we can hardly find places anymore where we can see the Milky Way in its full glory. What does that do to our humanity? 
Innovation in space travel is accelerating. We can peer further than ever into the universe. Do the points of light in the darkness tell us where we came from? And perhaps just as interesting; where are we going? We all want to know.
Find out during The Night of Space. Scientists, entrepreneurs, critical thinkers, our band and poet will take you on a journey to the stars.