Workshop: behavior change

About this event
"Real influence is about understanding behavior. After all, when you understand behavior, you can change it." 

Whether you want to convince someone to become a customer, pay your bill or simply reply to that email you sent weeks back: in entrepreneurship, you often depend on the behavior of others. And influencing the behavior of others is not that easy. 

 About the workshop 
In this workshop behavioral expert Dirkje van der Ven takes you into the wonderful world of behavior and influence. When you understand how human behavior works you suddenly see behavioral patterns everywhere, you notice how you yourself are unconsciously influenced every day and you can suddenly explain why people react the way they do. Even if it seems illogical at first sight. 
During the workshop we discuss: ● different techniques to influence behavior; Together we will work with the behavioral questions you face as an entrepreneur. 

 About Dirkje van de Ven 
Dirkje van der Ven is a speaker and consultant in the field of influencing behavior. Since completing her Master's degree in Behavioral Change at Radboud University in Nijmegen, Dirkje has been a behavioral entrepreneur for over 7.5 years. With her own company Wavy, she supports various clients on applying behavioral insights to social issues such as traffic safety, mobility, sustainability and well-being. In addition, Dirkje is co-founder and main lecturer at the Gedragsland training program, a practical and experiential training program to become a behavioral expert.

Attending the workshop is completely free, for everyone. So also for (starting) entrepreneurs who are not affiliated with StartUp. Do you want to participate as a student of the ROC, HAN or RU? Please mention your education under the heading "organization". However, if you cancel less than 24 hours in advance, we will charge ten euros (ex. VAT).