Meet & Eat event – Inclusiveness & Diversity

About this event

Theme of this ''Meet & Eat 9 May 2023'' :

Inclusiveness & Diversity

Do you want to know why companies with more inclusive business cultures and policies see an increase in innovation and have better assessment of consumer interest and demand?


..... please join this Meet & Eat session and sign up before 2 May 2023.

Location: Meet&Greet, building M, Transistorweg 5 Nijmegen.


Our workplace is changing in profound ways. From the ways we communicate, to corporate culture and how we do our jobs on a daily basis; the pace of change can be dizzying. Add to the mix new technologies and the permanent marks of a global pandemic. It’s easy to see why companies must constantly innovate their inclusiveness & diversity policies.


Noviotech Campus and Kadans Science Partner organize the Meet & Eat on a monthly basis: a fun way for residents to meet each other, talk about the theme, while enjoying lunch. We also offer tenants the opportunity to get on stage and share something with the campus community, either about their business or personally. Role it Out will have the stage on 9th May! Do you also want the stage? Please sent an e-mail.



Future dates:

  • Meet & Eat: Tuesday 6 June 2023   12:00 - 13:00 pm
  • Welcome To: Tuesday 5 September 2023  11:15 - 12:00 noon
  • Meet & Eat: Tuesday 5 September 2023  12:00 - 13:00 pm


Please note: we only accept tenants who have registered on time. We maintain a maximum of four participants per company, so that we are able to ensure a place for all organisations on campus. Also, we might take some pictures during the Meet&Eat, but if you don't want to be photographed please let us know at:


Sign up for the Meet & Eat - 9 May 2023: