Workshop: Using AI for your Startup

6512 AB
About this event
As an entrepreneur, of course you always want to be upfront of the latest developments. That is why we offer a workshop where you will learn all about using AI (as an entrepreneur). 

This workshop will be given by Milo Kleijnjan and Joppe van der Schoot, co-founders and entrepreneurs at Aidyn, a new AI startup focused on developing new ways to use AI in education.

During this workshop you will get:
* A brief introduction about AI;
* Info on why AI is more important for startups than for large companies;
* A brief demonstration of some of the basics of using AI;

Then you will get to work with AI tools yourself under guidance to see which ones you find useful to use.

Examples of tools include:
* ChatGPT: a text-based AI with tremendous versatility
*  Visual tools such as DALL-E and Midjourney (and free versions)
* TOME, a tool to quickly create presentations for the entrepreneur looking for an investor.

Every day new tools will be developed, brainstorm about what problems you have as an entrepreneur and together we will see if they can be solved with ai.

 The goal of the workshop is that at the end everyone has a shortlist of AI tools they find useful. We recommend that you bring your laptop to fully participate.