Workshop: Hocus – Pocus – Focus

Stationsplein 26
About this event
As an entrepreneur, do you also wish: 
 * to be able to spend more time on important matters?
 * to experience less stress? 
* to be less distracted by the things that come along?
 * to get concrete and practically applicable tips for more focus?

As entrepreneurs, we all struggle with it: the feeling of "not enough" time for the things we want to do. Conversations with entrepreneurs reveal time and again that most struggle to find and maintain the right focus on the most important things. Roeland also knows from his own experience as an entrepreneur that it is a challenge to stay focused on those things that can really bring you and your company further. 

During this interactive workshop Roeland will help you by providing you with knowledge, insight and skills to get more focus in your entrepreneurship and work, so that you become more resilient against stress and will be more productive. At the end you will have practical tips and tools to immediately apply in practice. 

About Roeland
Almost 30 years of experience as an independent entrepreneur, entrepreneurial coach and trainer. As an energetic and passionate entrepreneurial coach, I help ambitious entrepreneurs get more return from themselves and their business by applying the right focus.