Briskr: How to build a successful team?

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Picking the wrong people and creating the wrong team is the fastest way to kill your startup. But how do you pick the right people and create a team that complements each other?  A team that is open, shares lessons and learns together?

After al, success is defined by the people in the company and the way they can cooperate.

Ideally you will have a team that mostly supports the direction your startup is going into, but with a certain amount of courage, a critical view and an ability to discuss the important matters. But mostly a team of people that complements you.

A complementary team starts with knowledgeabout yourself as a leader or founder. Who am I? What are my qualities? What are my pitfalls? How do I perceive the world?

Trainer Frank Stofmeel is a team and performance coach (see LinkedIn profile) and he will guide you through questions that will help you find out what you need from other people.It will help you to make your team complimentary to accelerate growth and increase results on the long term.

This workshop will be a quest into yourself and will help you find out what you need from other people to complement your character so you know how to build a successful team!

This workshop is free of charge. We welcome new contacts, so feel free to share this invite with your network!

More information and registration.

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