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What’s the value of your company?
Valuation of a company is almost always hard. Sentiments play a role, but also the fact that there are many alternative ways to look at the value of a company. This is of course even more true if you run a start-up as the past offers little foundation to determine future performance and worth. But for all growth stages valuation is immensely important since external financing is in most cases the only way to grow. 

Understand how valuation works
Investor and entrepreneur both want a deal that makes them happy. Therefore, it’s necessary that you understand how valuation works, that you know how best to prepare for negotiations and how to determine the conditions. This is what this workshop offers. It helps create a better understanding of company valuation and investment terms as well as the process to reach an investment deal.

Topics are (amongst others): 
– What are investors looking for in a deal?
– What strategies can determine valuation?
– What are the necessary obligations and responsibilities for founder as well as investor (for example in a termsheet)?

Tom Teggelaar, partner Poelmann van den Broek Lawyers
Peter Joosten, partner Aeternus corporate finance
Maurice Koopmans, Aeternus
Björn Schaap, Oost NL

Physical meeting
We aim to organize a physical meeting at Novio Tech Campus Nijmegen (if RIVM guidelines allow it), If needed, we will change to an online session or postpone the session.

More information and registration.

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