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The startup college tour is a series of meetings with notable entrepreneurs from the region.

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Through a combination of interview and questions from the audience, we learn more about the road the entrepreneurs have taken, how they set up their businesses and what lessons they have for startups and student entrepreneurs in the room. In each episode, two entrepreneurs will have their say.

We start on Tuesday 12 April with Roos Meerman (Fillip Studios) and Koen Olieslagers (Wattsun). Roos studied at ArtEZ in Arnhem, Koen studied Industrial Product Design at the HAN.

Fillip Studios develops artistic concepts and conducts design research. Products and artworks are exhibited worldwide and Roos has won various design awards. Wattsun has developed a product that can regulate power on location. This pop-up power is interesting for festivals and construction sites, for example.

The discussion leader is Berry Kessels (chairman Innovatiefabriek Arnhem).

The Startup Collegetour is organised by Startclub Arnhem in cooperation with Arnhem Studiestad and the Centre for Entrepreneurship of the HAN. (in Dutch)

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