Sleep: The good, the bed, the beautiful

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Picture this: you’re trying to explain the phenomenon ‘sleep’ to an alien that is unfamiliar with this concept. “Every night we basically pretend we’re dead for about 7 or 8 hours, and that makes us feel better”; that sounds pretty strange, right? Even so, sleep is essential for us human beings, and it serves several purposes that safeguard our physical and mental wellbeing. This also means that disturbances of a proper night’s rest, such as insomnia, can have serious adverse consequences for our health. What do we currently know about sleep, quality, and functioning in daily life? Is there such a thing as a golden standard for the nightly amount of sleep? How conscious are we of our own sleeping behavior?

On Tuesday April 19th, two leading sleep researchers will visit Science Café Nijmegen to discuss (in Dutch) the science and current research on sleep. Jacqueline van der Meij (Radboud University) will reflect on the function of sleep and its neurophysiological underpinnings. Annemarie Luik (Erasmus MC) will elaborate on her population study, investigating the role of sleep in mental and physical health. In addition to these fascinating lectures and discussion, w o l k e will provide musical poetry this evening. So, make sure to set your alarm, get out of bed on the right side and join us for a drink and some scientific banter at the Science Café on April 19th!

scientists /8pm Annemarie Luik (Erasmus MC) and Jacqueline van der Meij (Radboud University)

music /7.30pm  w o l k e

moderator          Linda Drijvers

time                    Tuesday April 19th 2022, 7.30/8 – 10 pm
    The Shamrock, Smetiusstraat 17 in Nijmegen

admission          free admission (no reservation)

language            Dutch

info                     www.sciencecafenijmegen.nl

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