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On 13 October, after a year and a half, the Science Café will reopen! And this will be celebrated around a theme that has been a centre of turbulence since the outbreak of the pandemic and the ongoing climate crisis: the delicate interaction between science, society and policy.

Expert in this field, Eva Kunseler (Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency) will discuss this evening how public knowledge organisations can unite solid scientific research with the dynamic socio-political context. Policy analyst Jan Kwakkel (TU Delft) will discuss how, by means of innovative models, scenarios and optimisations, he tries to tame post-normal complexity and support decision-making under great uncertainty. Finally, because imagination of future scenarios is key to engaging stakeholders, Joost Vervoort (Utrecht University) will explain how his research group promotes culture change and (climate) action through games and other creative practices.

Join us for the reopening of the Science Café and enjoy new science, old-fashioned conviviality and the virtuosity of Sol Jang on piano and Tania Braecklein on violin. Don’t forget your coronapas!

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