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The next NTC SPORTS activity takes place on May 10 from 17.00 to 17.30: a 30 minute Krav Maga training at the Easy Active gym facilities situated next to the campus.

Krav maga (Hebrew: קרב מגע, contact fight) is a defence art that originated in Czechoslovakia and Israel. A characteristic of Krav Maga is that training often takes place in a wide range of realistic situations, such as a kidnapping situation, danger at night, attacks on an important person or attacks with a firearm or knife. Become resilient and fit during this special workout for our community.

The training is for free and there is no registration needed, you just need to show up on May 10 at the Easy Active gym facilities next to the campus.

We’re looking forward to meeting you there!

// This workout class is part of a broader partnership between Novio Tech Campus and Easy Active. Find more about our exclusive sports offer to you as our community member here!

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