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Novio Tech Campus recently launched a new sports and activity program, called: NTC SPORTS. A multi-faceted program, where several partners on and around campus provide community members with a broad range of sports activities and facilities. This way we can support you in challenging yourself and staying fit, both physically and mentally. Our first activity takes place on March 15th: a 30 minute workout class at the Easy Active gym facilities, next to the campus.

This workout class is part of a broader partnership between Novio Tech Campus and Easy Active. Together we offer our community members the following discounts and regulations:

  • 10% discount on your membership with Easy Active;
  • Free access to NTC only trainings and workshops, every second Tuesday of the month;
  • Access to all ongoing special discounts at Easy Active.

There is no registration needed for this event, just drop by if you feel like joining! If you wish to join as a member of the Easy Active gym and other facilities, get in touch with Easy Active and please mention that you’re a member of the Novio Tech Campus community.

// Mor information about NTC SPORTS.

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