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Nimma Hacks is a hackathon that takes place in Nijmegen on 11 of December. During a hackathon, teams are ‘locked up’ in a room for a long time to come up with solutions for current issues. Nimma Hacks is an online hackaton lasting for 24 hours, where teams are free to sit together digitally or physically.

Teams are also given the opportunity to gain knowledge, to brainstorm, to get help from experts and to work out pitches to convince the jury. The jury and the experts will be announced via the social media channels.

In this edition, an issue from the Nijmegen Health & High-tech sector has been chosen. Nijmegen is known for being an Old City with a Young Vibe, but did you know that it also is the Health & Hightech hotspot of the Netherlands? Keeping healthcare affordable and accessible, providing sufficient and affordable food for everyone: these are just two major challenges of the future, which companies and research institutions in Nijmegen are working on together. We want to contribute to this with this hackathon! The exact problem statement will be announced to the participating teams at the start of Nimma Hacks.

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Nimma Hacks

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