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Join the next Mee&Eat and meet new tenants. The Meet&Eat takes place on June 7th from 12.00-12.45pm. Please sign up before June 3rd!

Novio Tech Campus monthly organises the Meet&Eat: a fun way for residents to meet each other while enjoying their lunch. We also offer tenants the opportunity to get on stage and share something with the campus community, either about their business or personally. Do you want the stage? Please sent an e-mail.


Martijn Kriens, program director Briskr, will give a short pitch about Briskr and the start-up program. Growing as an entrepreneur is always a challenge. This is especially true for entrepreneurs in an innovative and changing environment. As an entrepreneur you often have to decide and act with limited data, time and resources while issues are new to you. Therefore Briskr, together with its partners, has set up a series of master classes with a combination of workshops and peer-learning to support entrepreneurs with a young and innovative company in their growth.

Please note: we only accept tenants who have registered on time. We maintain a maximum of four participants per company, so that we are able to ensure a place for all organisations on campus. Also, we might take some pictures during the Meet&Eat, but if you don’t want to be photographed please let us know at: info@noviotechcampus.com.

Feel free to share this invitation with other colleagues at Novio Tech Campus.

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