Meet&Eat 58: March 16th: online escaperoom

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Join us on March 16 and solve the online Mystery: The Hoogenboom Mystery

The Meet & Eat will be organized at March 16 from 11.50 pm till 13.00 pm and is a fun way to have your own lunch, at home or at the office. Can you solve this mystery within one hour? Feel free to share this invitation with other colleagues at NTC. This online escaperoom is offered to you by Kadans and NTC. Please register before Tuesday March 9th. You can register individually and we will set up the teams.

Please note: we only accept tenants who have registered since we have to make whatsapp groups to give you instruction in order to play the game. We look forward to welcome you online!

Some information of the escaperoom:
Management and staff at Hoogeboom College are at a loss for words. The country has been shut down due to a virus outbreak and schools have to switch to digital home education. And just at that moment, the school’s ICT manager, Pieter de Roon, suddenly disappeared. It’s nothing for De Roon to just disappear… Any sign of life is missing. You have been called in to help the school find De Roon and solve this mystery.

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