HVTV part 4: What is the international innovation power of the health care sector in the East of the Netherlands?

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Time to Unlock New Value! Plan Friday, March 5, 10.00 am in your agenda for the fourth healthy, laid-back coffeemoment with the ingredients: inspiration, knowledge, humor and speed!

From the one and only Health Valley studio, host Suzanne Verheijden will challenge various guests in 55 minutes. In the run-up to the international Health Valley Event on 10 and 11 March, the question arises: how do we as the East Netherlands region actually profile ourselves in Europe in the field of healthcare innovation? What does our profile look like compared to other European regions? What is our strength? And how do we make the most of this strength? But also: What opportunities does this region actually offer you as an organization or entrepreneur from outside the region, why is it interesting to establish yourself here?

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