HVTV episode 10: The 3 (techno)logical steps for innovation in healthcare!

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Reserve Friday 21 January 2022 10.00 in your agenda for our tenth HV TV broadcast, your healthy coffee break!

From the one and only Health Valley studio, our trusted host Suzanne Verheijden will challenge various guests in 55 minutes. This time we’ll be discussing the challenge: how can we use technology to ensure that by 2040 we’ll all be living five years longer in good health? What are the logical steps you can take now as a knowledge institution, healthcare institution, government agency or entrepreneur in healthcare? In other words, how can we join forces and work together even better to accelerate innovations through the use of technology? Be inspired by the guests who will explain the three success factors of Health Valley: Connect, Challenge and Grow!

GGz Centraal: Yvette Roke, Psychiatrist

Also reserve Friday 25 February 10.00 am in your agenda for episode 11 of HV TV!

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