HVTV 7: Will all (incurable) diseases be curable in the future?

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From the only real Health Valley studio, presenter Suzanne Verheijden challenges various guests again in 55 minutes. This time they will discuss the theme: Can all (incurable) diseases be cured in the future? More and more innovations and technologies are coming onto the market that can cure all kinds of (new) diseases faster. Will we be able to cure even very incurable diseases in a few years’ time? What effect does food have on the prevention of diseases?

In the broadcast, Suzanne talks to people including:

Roche: Jeske Timmermans, Chapter Lead Personalised Healthcare
TNO: Suzan Wopereis, System Biologist
AMGEN: Joep Reijnierse, Medical Director
And many more…

HVTV, the fun coffee machine talks, just at home! More information by this link.

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