How Can Partnering with Pharma Impact Startup Success?

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Do you want to make it big in biotech? Interactions with companies that have already made it big, may be a key success factor. In March Nature Biotechnology published an article indicating that formal ties to pharma strongly correlate with biotech startup success at the clinical as well as preclinical stage. Based on their analysis, the authors emphasized the need for continuous involvement with pharma throughout the life cycle of startups.1

The question remains whether this indicates that pharma companies are more likely to select startups that will become successful or that their involvement boosts startup success. Or is it a combination of both?

In either case, it may be prudent for startup entrepreneurs to plan how and when to interact with pharma. There are many ways in which biotech start-ups can interact with pharma companies. Pharma might be a parent company for a spinout. They may be an early- or late-stage investor, or an acquisition partner. Alternatively or additionally, they may be a development partner with extensive knowledge and a network to tap into.

During this virtual event a panel of investors shares their views on collaborating and partnering with pharma companies. What do entrepreneurs need to consider in their partnering strategy? Which type of partnering fits at which stage? What are the opportunities and pitfalls? Join the Johnson & Johnson Innovation webinar as we explore potential success factors for biotech startups.

During the webinar we will focus on the European biotech ecosystem.

Moren information and registration by this link.

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