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Netherlans – Taiwan Semiconductor Advanced Packaging

The Dutch and Taiwanese semiconductor industries have a long history of cooperation, are interdependent and are strong trade partners. Taiwan is a major and still growing player in the global market of Semicon manufacturing. For the upcoming years, they shall focus on stimulating sustainability among the Semiconductor supply chain. We are sure our Dutch members can benefit from this opportunity.   In close partnership with the Netherlands Office in Taipei, Taiwan, Holland Semiconductor hosts the Netherlands – Taiwan Semiconductor Dialogue | Advanced Packaging. This webinar is part of a range of the Netherlands – Taiwan Semiconductor Dialogue webinars.   The theme for this webinar will be ‘advanced packaging’.  Four specialists will share their thoughts on this topic.  

Event details
Date: Thursday, October 14, 2021
Start: 9.30 h
End: 10.55 h
Location: Online
Moderator: Tom van der Dussen, Project Manager Holland Semiconductors Organizers: Holland Semiconductors, RVO, NL Office Taipei, SEMI Taiwan    

1. Dr. Vincent Lin, Advanced Package Director, ASE Group
2. Mr. Jeroen Duis, Chief Commercial Officer, Phix
3. Mr. Johan Hamelink, Vice-President Business Development, Boschman
4. Mr. Ludo Vandenberk, Executive Vice President, Trymax  

Did you miss the Netherlands – Taiwan Semiconductor Dialogue kick-off?

This webinar has been recorded. Please contact Holland Semiconductors for the URL link.

More information and registration by this link.

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